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Welcome to TeamPHCA CAP

The Ultimate Influencer Program


Get started with being a community ambassador influencer

Enjoy seamless collaboration across the community

Assign different permissions to assets, and get complete control

How it works

1. Register

Register to the portal or through the dedicated registration link provided by your CAP representative.

2. Collaborate

Set up two or more admins and invite your teams and partners to join.

3. Create and share

Create, request access, and share campaign assets.

4. Performance

Track performance metrics and get creative with how you optimize your campaigns.


Have more questions?

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the

Community Ambassador Program


  • Are children allowed?
    This an adults only event; however, virtual tickets are available
  • What if I have mobility requests?
    We have you covered. This event will also be covered virtually. Visit TeamPHCA for more details.
  • Are there steps?
    Yes, there are steps entering into the building and accessing the bathrooms
  • How is parking?
    The venue is located in a residential setting and parking is limited. Would recommend an Uber or Lyft
  • Do I need a ticket to enter?
    Yes, each attendee must have a ticket to include parents and individuals
  • Can I leave for the giveaways
    Must be present for giveaways. We will not call, email, text or store your giveaway. You must be able to haul your own prize at the time of giveaways

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Conduct all of your collaboration with the CAP Portal

CAP Program

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