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Supporting Everyday Lives in Everyday Ways!

Disabilities, Autism, Special Needs, Down Syndrome & Intellectual disABILITIES 




TeamPHCA envisions a society where individuals with disabilities are not just supported, but truly empowered. Our vision is to create a world where every person, regardless of their abilities, is embraced, respected, and given the tools to lead a life of independence, dignity, and fulfillment. Through compassionate care, innovative programs, and unwavering advocacy, we are dedicated to breaking barriers, pushing the envelope, fostering inclusion, and championing the rights of individuals with disabilities. We believe in a future where everyone has equal opportunities, where their unique talents are recognized, and where they are integral members of a diverse and thriving community. ​Together, we are building a more inclusive tomorrow, where every dream starts with a vision that can be materialized, and every individual can reach their full potential. Between our staff, partnerships, community, families and individuals - over 100s of people trust us to secure the most valuable resources to provide individuals with the highest quality of care, whilst ensuring the highest level of compliance. Our highly trained staff are certified and our person-centered approaches allow us to develop a life-course framework designed to support everyday lives in everyday ways!


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  • Are children allowed?
    This an adults only event; however, virtual tickets are available
  • What if I have mobility requests?
    We have you covered. This event will also be covered virtually. Visit TeamPHCA for more details.
  • Are there steps?
    Yes, there are steps entering into the building and accessing the bathrooms
  • How is parking?
    The venue is located in a residential setting and parking is limited. Would recommend an Uber or Lyft
  • Do I need a ticket to enter?
    Yes, each attendee must have a ticket to include parents and individuals
  • Can I leave for the giveaways
    Must be present for giveaways. We will not call, email, text or store your giveaway. You must be able to haul your own prize at the time of giveaways

Common Questions

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission is to enhance the quality of life for every person we serve by delivering streamlined and effective supports that are person-centered, geared towards reaching outcomes based on individual needs, inclusive spaces, cutting edge modern techniques, evidence-based practices, consistent communication, community participation, and brand awareness. 

Ensuring a future where every person experiences dignity, respect, and equal opportunities

Our Vision

 Our vision is to create a nurturing environment where every person, regardless of their abilities or challenges, receives personalized and compassionate care. By transforming lives, providing unwavering support, fostering independence, and promoting holistic well-being  through innovative programs, advocacy, community engagement, and in-home assistance to empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential, TeamPHCA will become the #1 leading service provider in the world

Our Values

PHCA continuously strives to improve the quality of services and supports through the following W.E. C.A.R.E. Principles:

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